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Hokkaido hemp: a rare Japanese landrace.

The northernmost island of Hokkaido in Japan seems like an unlikely place for native cannabis varieties to emerge, but this

Cannabis – Effects, Side Effects and Risks.

This text informs you about the effects of cannabis on the human body, possible side effects and the general risks

CBD and honey are made for each other.

CBD and honey are made for each other. Officially, there is no CBD honey. According to the honey regulation, this

Hemp, social commitment and sustainability

If you look at a typical online hemp grocery store, you will notice one thing pretty quickly. Almost every product

Diverse industrial uses of hemp.

Various industrial uses of hemp. Hemp has experienced a renaissance in industrial use and may become increasingly important even for

Bees love cannabis: Cannabis can counteract the death of bees.

Bees love cannabis: hemp can counteract the death of bees. According to a recent study, hemp plants can help reduce

How can cannabis be used?

How can hemp be used? Hemp is one of the oldest beneficial plants in the world, and its history shows

CBD oil: is over-the-counter oil intoxicating?

CBD oil with the active ingredient cannabidiol from the hemp plant is believed to relax and relieve pain. What are

Medical use of cannabis – how to take it?

Patients can take cannabis in different ways. In addition, dosage forms also differ. Which form of medicinal cannabis is used

10 facts about cannabis: did you know?

Facts: 1. Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug. About five percent of all people aged 15 to 64